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“Global Streets” is a multi-year touring programme with a specific focus on the presentation of highly accessible and engaging, medium/large scale, free international outdoor arts productions in areas of low audience engagement. The project sets out to break new ground for outdoor arts by introducing a strategic approach to the touring of international larger scale projects, which at present generally tend to take place on a “one off” basis. The intention is to embed new, creative ideas for audience development at the heart of the presentation of international productions, whilst at the same time supporting associated capacity building for partner organisations based in areas of low audience engagement, who may have had limited or no previous experience of presenting outdoor work.


Audiences at the Centre

In the 2015 pilot year, people in Luton, Hounslow, Barking and Dagenham, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Doncaster, Leicester, Birmingham and Hull were transfixed and uplifted by their experience of a pilot touring programme of international outdoor arts funded by Arts Council England. Audiences were swept up in a cocktail of dance and paint powder with the French company Artonik; whilst others were immersed in the construction of a monumental cathedral of multi-coloured elastic with the Australian children’s theatre company Polyglot. These free events, presented in places usually characterised by low engagement in the arts, demonstrated a huge appetite for the vision, imagination and sheer sense of surprise that international outdoor arts can offer.

Audiences said how proud they feel that their towns and cities hosted these prestigious international companies. And because the productions themselves have been so intensively immersive and tactile, there has been a genuine outpouring of conviviality at each of these inclusive free outdoor arts experiences. Global Streets set out to reach people in areas of least engagement in the arts across the country and two international outdoor productions, Tangle and The Colour of Time, which particularly lent themselves to “hands-on” interactive engagement, were presented.


  • Bell Square, Hounslow

    Bell Square, Hounslow

  • Birmingham Hippodrome

    Birmingham Hippodrome

  • Cast Doncaster

    Cast Doncaster

  • Creative Barking and Dagenham

    Creative Barking and Dagenham

  • Culture Liverpool

    Culture Liverpool

  • Freedom Festival, Hull

    Freedom Festival, Hull

  • Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

    Greenwich+Docklands International Festival

  • Leicester City Council

    Leicester City Council

  • Revolution Arts Luton CCP

    Revolution Arts Luton CCP

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