Audience Participation


The Global Streets programme provides excellent opportunities to participate, both in workshop activities leading up to the final events as well as at the performances themselves.


In 2015, each partner organisation developed their own creative engagement and participatory arts programmes with a host of workshops and activities which also brought in partners such as The Spark Arts for Children in Leicester, Birmingham Libraries, East London Dance, the Cultural Connectors Programme in Barking and Dagenham and a whole range of South Asian dance groups across the country.


Over the course of the next three years, touring partners seek to further harness the potential of Global Streets to contributed to local place-making, with partners deepening their local relationships with local authorities, regeneration agencies, community organisations and local businesses, whilst also building more critically engaged audiences, who would increasingly anticipate and indeed come to expect high quality international outdoor arts projects to be part of their annual local cultural and social experience. As part of this we also want to provide informal opportunities for engagement between local audiences and international artists.


Leicester Workshop

Leicester Workshop

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